cameraman photographer

David has worked in broadcast television for 25 years. For the last sixteen of those he was employed by BBC Scotland as a lighting cameraman/DoP.

People and Places have always been part of his professional life and putting these people, contributors, presenters at ease is one of his many talents, together with his ability to create the best possible images in different environments in all weather conditions.

His career at the BBC afforded him the opportunity to travel to most corners of the world however his true passion is working in and exploring the rich culture and landscape of Scotland; the weather, the light, the myth and legend, the resilience, the creativity of people living and working within this unique part of the world. 

Throughout his filming career David has never shied away from ever changing creative trends and is always abreast technological developments.

Since May 2017 David works as a freelance operative continuing his contribution to broadcast television and expanding corporate film and photography projects.

David has also recently completed his UAV flight training and has a current "Permission for Commercial Operation" from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority).



 “Inside Scotland”  BBC Choice

 “Art and Soul” with Richard Holloway BBC2 Scotland

 “Henry VIII. Patron or Plunderer" with Jonathon Foyle BBC4

 “Scotland’s Music with Phil Cunningham” BBC2 Scotland

 “The World Accordion to Phil” BBC2 Scotland

 “Fergusson-Burns Forgotten Hero" BBC2 Scotland

 “Landward” Scotland’s Rural Affairs Program BBC2 Scotland

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